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Behind in filing?

We file old tax returns all year round!

Within hours we can obtain missing slip(s) and other relevant personal tax information.  

Get the process started, you may have a refund owing to you...

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Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) issues?

CRA accounts are complicated.  We advise on payroll, corporate tax, GST & personal income tax account matters.  

 Our firm can also assist in making payment arrangements and negotiating interest and penalties. 


Need financing?

We provide business financial statements, net worth statements, personal tax returns & Notices of Assessment and can answer questions on your behalf. 

Call us to help prepare for your upcoming bank or other finance company meeting.

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What's the difference between tax evasion, tax avoidance & tax planning?

We want you to choose wisely.  All conversations are confidential. 

You can't afford NOT to get proper advice.

Invest in your future.  Our best advice is often free.

What happens to you when your accountant retires?

Take control.  Let's start our relationship early.  We will be here for you.  

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